BERG completes form and function

Aesthetics, comfort and elegance are inseparable in Berg Furniture's world. One doesn't exclude the other. On the contrary. We find inspiration for the furniture everywhere - in modern trends and modern architecture.

This is followed by the process of creating the ultimate seating where human anatomy is in focus. Once comfort, design, function and quality interact as a harmonious unified whole, we can lean back and enjoy the result.

BERG makes furniture by hand, with care and with passion

Our furniture is made by experienced and proficient employees who all have an eye for quality and detail. The old virtues of craftsmanship are maintained in all parts of the process. From the first thorough sorting of the leather to drawing up and cutting with scissors and hand-held cutting machines. The single pieces are adjusted by colour and structure, producing a beautiful and harmonious result.

Upholstering and stitching are still done by hand. We believe this is the only way to ensure an optimal and perfect result of the highest quality - and our employees agree. Their signatures can be seen on every single piece of furniture, and every single piece has its own production report. Our furniture is made by hand, with care and with passion.

The joy of creating and designing combine the traditions of craftsmanship with modern technology and new materials. New techniques and methods are regularly developed and tested in close dialogue with some of the world's leading specialists and Berg Furniture's regular partners. The matt chrome look on the legs and bases for example is not just brushed steel, but a result of seven different advanced surface treatments.

Only the trained eye can tell the difference ... And that is exactly why we do it!


BERG Furniture comfort in design

Our customers make demands on themselves and the things surrounding them. Berg Furniture manages this task with an uncompromising attitude to quality, design and comfort. This is reflected in our furniture, and for more than 30 years, our faithful and steadily increasing number of customers have confirmed that our philosophy is right. Our attitude to high quality is crucial: We either do it right or we don't do it!

Supreme comfort in seating and a high finish are at least as important to us as producing pure and elegant designs and putting a lot of care into craftsmanship and technical details, also when they are not always visible. We call it Comfort in design, and we let the details speak their own universal language.

Berg Furniture was established in 1974, and our love for design and good craftsmanship has been the company's hallmark ever since, safeguarded over the years by loyal employees, many of whom have been with us from the beginning. Their pride in their work can be seen in every single stitch and detail, and they are happy to lend their names to, and personally sign each piece of furniture.

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