Classic elegance and timeless design give Ceto and Ato character. A light push on the armrests when seated, and the footrest automatically lifts up and extends by 15 cm on Ceto and 12 cm on Ato. This unique function provides full support under the legs and calves. When activating the mechanism hidden under the right armrest, the backrest slides backwards and downwards and relieves the pressure on both back and lumbar region. The backrest can be locked in any position, and the headrest can be adjusted separately. The seat and back have foam padding for optimum support and pressure relief. In addition, the back cushion is channelled and, as a special feature, filled with the finest down to give the user an experience out of the ordinary.

To put it modestly, a world original. An exclusive detail for Berg Furniture which confirms our philosophy of Comfort in design. The ring on the base is available in 10 types of wood or in matt/shiny chrome.

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